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If you are hoping to purchase a
custom number plate for your vehicle and you want to find a website that offers to a custom service. We are legal number plate supplier in UK and we provide everything that you could possibly need. Furthermore, our custom number plates are manufactured from the highest quality materials. We produce products that are guaranteed to be long-lasting and compliant with all DVLA requirements. We have standards that we have to live up to, the DVLA has legal requirement for all vehicles on the roadway, and we ensure that your vehicle will be fully compliant with those standards.

Car number plates were first introduced to cars in the United Kingdom in 1903 and since then there have been many different types of custom number plates used. Today the number plates that are used in the UK see two letters followed by two numbers then a further three letters.. If you have never owned a custom number plate for your vehicle before then there are a few questions that you may need answers to.

 DVLA approved suppliers